From Our Readers: Operation Priority

Reader “Amazing Ace” has submitted the latest version of his document “Operation Priority”, a guide to  the different varieties of Renault FT-17 tanks.  It can be downloaded as a PDF here.

Operation Priority: Renault FT document

World of Tanks forum member “Amazing_Ace” has put together “Operation Priority“, a downloadable PDF guide to the many variants of the Renault FT.

No Renault FT Left Behind

FT mockupOperation Priority is a project to discover every French Renault FT variant, from the original prototype to the more modern designs. This famous tank sprouted numerous variants, and every one of them is identified in this informational guide. Despite the FTs significance, many designs are hidden and obscure. Each page will feature a variant and the vehicle will be described in a few small, yet detailed, statements. These statements are listed as vehicle name, vehicle type, and background details. They are accompanied by images of a vehicle sprite and an actual picture or illustration.

Read more by downloading or viewing the guide below! A unique feature is that this guide is open to change forever. If you discover any errors or like to add information, tell me below in the Operation Priority Tip Box section. The current version of the guide is below, the version number is also located in the Guide under the contents page:

Download the PDF here.