Photo of the day: Return of the Half-Track?

From the Singapore Airshow comes today’s photo of the “track over wheels” concept being put forward by ST Kinetics for the Terrex armored vehicle.



  1. Reginaldo Bacchi says:

    If tracks are installed in the 4 front wheels how the vehicle will be steered?


    • You are assuming, Reggie, that you are looking at the two front wheels. I thought the same thing myself and I had to conclude that the camera is looking at the two rear wheels. Unless there is something we don’t know……


  2. Reginaldo Bacchi says:

    At the blog: snafu-solomon.blogspot,com,br of 2/22/2016 09:23:00 AM there is a photo of the vehicle with the track installed in the left front wheel (look carefully because its not easy to see), and you can also confirm that what we see here is the front of the vehicle.


  3. Reginaldo Bacchi says:

    Sorry, I should have written: in the right front wheel.


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