Video: Christopher Foss at DVD 2016

Here are a few videos featuring IHS Jane’s reporter Christopher Foss at DVD 2016 reporting on a few different AFVs, including the Patria AMV, the Terrex IFV, and the M777 Portee concept vehicle..





Photo of the day: Return of the Half-Track?

From the Singapore Airshow comes today’s photo of the “track over wheels” concept being put forward by ST Kinetics for the Terrex armored vehicle.


USMC set to pick two bidders from field of five ACV options

iveco_superav1Jane’s is reporting that the USMC will soon select two designs from the current field of five options for the AVC (Amphibious Combat Vehicle) program.  According to the article, the five proposed designs for ACV have come from Advanced Defense Vehicle Systems (ADVS), a relatively small company from Michigan; BAE Systems and Iveco with a version of the Superav; General Dynamics with a variant of its Piranha; Lockheed Martin offering a yet-unknown bid (it originally teamed with Patria Land Systems to offer a variant of the AMV called Havoc but separated earlier this year); and STK and SAIC with a version of the Terrex.  All of these options are 8×8 wheeled vehicles, as opposed to the tracked Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle which was cancelled in 2011.  These wheeled options also feature slower in water speeds than the Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle.  According to the Jane’s article, the qualifications for the ACV as far as water speed are “the capacity to achieve water mobility performance on par with or greater than the existing assault amphibian (the AAV7A1 Assault Amphibious Vehicle.)”

Full article here.