Book Alert: M1 Abrams Breacher

Tankograd Publishing has announced a mid-March release date for their upcoming book on the M1 Assault Breacher Vehicle.   This is a soft cover volume of 64 pages filled with quality illustrations and color photographs and is authored by Ralph Zwilling & Walter Bohm.

Publishers Description:

M1 breacherThe M1 Assault Breacher Vehicle (ABV) is the newest and long expected addition to the M1 Abrams tank family. The M1 ABVs fielded by the US Army and US Marine Corps marked the end of a very long search and development by the US Armed Forces for a vehicle to clear mines, as well as one that can be used as a dozer to clear battlefield obstacles and to prepare firing positions. Today, the USMC fields 52 M1 ABVs and the US Army procured 187 vehicles.

This publication explains the development history and technology of the M1 Abrams Breacher in great detail. An extensive photo-graphical walk around allows to see all details of the assault breacher vehicle when compared to the main battle tank and shows the specialized engineer equipment.

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