Osprey Books “Duel Series” Survey

logoOsprey Books has posted on their website a survey asking people to vote on which title of the “Duel” series they would like to see.

The options are:

M3 Stuart vs Type 95 Ha-Gō: 1941–42

Churchill vs Tiger: Tunisia 1943

Ferdinand tank destroyer vs SU-152 self-propelled howitzer: Kursk 1943

Cromwell vs PzKpfw IV: Normandy 1944

StuG III vs T-34: Eastern Front 1944

You can go vote for your choice here.

They also have an option where you can write in your own title suggestion.

Here at Tank and AFV News.com, we would like to see a Duel book on “Panzers VS Jabos (fighterbombers): Normandy, 1944.”


  1. They might very well do that. A “Panzer IV vs. Bazooka: Normandy 1944” entry in the Duel series is due for release later this year. In the same vein I would be very interested in a “Stuka vs. T-34/KV-1: Eastern Front 1941-1942” title.


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