Israeli armor get trailers

trailerJane’s is reporting that the IDF is taking delivery of Urdan Backtrail logistics trailers that can be towed by tanks, APCs, and other heavy AFVs.  The trailers have a cargo area measuring 4×2 meters and can carry approximately two tons.  According to the article, Urdan says the Backtrail was “developed in response to the critical logistic requirements of the modern battlefield. It enables the continuous provision of supplies – including fuel, water, weapons, etc – to forces fighting in remote and inaccessible locations.”  Urdan developed the trailer over a four year period starting in 2008, which included driving Backtrail models around the Golan Heights and southern Israel.  The trailer received IDF approval to begin mass production and deliveries in 2014.  The article notes that the trailer can be towed by the Merkava tank , the Namer and Achzarit heavy APCs, and the Puma armored engineering vehicle, but is too heavy for the M113 APC



  1. That’s got to be one rugged trailer to handle the basaltic rocks of the Golan Heights! It was no fun for me as an infantryman, I can tell you that.


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