Stuart tank returned to site of American Car and Foundry factory

WNEP 16 News (Pennsylvania) is reporting that a WW2 era Stuart light tank has found a new home in Berwick PA, site of the former American Car and Foundry factory.

The Stuart Light Tank, called a Stuie, was among 15,000 Stuie Tanks built from 1940 to 1944 at the former American Car and Foundry factory that once stood inside the industrial park.

The tanks were used in combat during World War II in Europe. Many at the celebration are veterans of the war.

“It’s almost like uniting a family.When you lose somebody in battle and they’re over there, and they finally come home, that’s the closing,” said Donald.

Veteran Joe Messina worked at the factory, testing the tanks.

“I test drove them before they went out,” said Messina. “I test drove them when they came out the gate and then I took them.”

The plan is to eventually have the Stuie Tank placed at the entrance to the industrial park. It will serve as a memorial to the Stuie Tanks, the factory, and the thousands of people who worked there.

There is already a historical marker set at the memorial site, which was put there last September on V-E Day to honor the 9,000 workers.

Berwick stuart


  1. No mention about where the tank came from? My SWAG is that this is one of the 20-odd tanks that came out of Brazil about ten years ago.

    Anybody know anything else?


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