Photo of the Day: Type 95 Ha-Go

The photo of the day comes from a foreign language blog post on the Royal Thai Army School museum.  The Ha-Go has a rather interesting paint scheme.



More photos here.


  1. Shrike58 says:

    Checking out some pictures of contemporary Thai AFVs they seem to be heavily into “digital” camo patterns.


  2. omg! so cool! This camo is commonly use by the RTA. Many armored vehicles of Thai army are starting to get itself repainted with this new digital camo! The first vehicle that were painted with this camo was the T-84 Oplot-m that will be replacing the old thai tanks. The camouflage however was painted in Ukraine and you can find some of the ukrainian BTR are painted the same scheme as the thai T-84. So not sure who was the first to designed the camouflage :/
    ANYWAY i never expecting them to painting on the ww2 tank. I’m not complaining, but seriously how many ww2 tank are painted with digital camouflage ? lol


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