Tank Chats #50 Type 95 Ha-Go

The tank museum Tank Chats series rounds off their first 50 videos with a look at the Japanese Type 95 Ha-Go light tank.

Photo of the Day: Type 95 Ha-Go

The photo of the day comes from a foreign language blog post on the Royal Thai Army School museum.  The Ha-Go has a rather interesting paint scheme.



More photos here.

From the Vault: Type 95 Ha-Go tested by US troops

SNAFU! blog today posted a link to a new youtube video posted by Digital Implosion showing footage of a WWII era Japanese Type 95 Ha-Go light tank being tested by US troops.  The first half of the video shows the Ha-Go being tested over various terrain features.  The limitations of it’s simple suspension are quite apparent in these videos.  Later in the video, various measurements and armor thicknesses are shown.  The video ends with footage of a race between the Ha-Go and an M5 Stuart.  The Stuart wins by a small margin.