Photo of the Day: M3 Grant with just a bit of damage

This photo shows an M3 Grant that, despite the condition of the hull, has been restored to running order.  This former range wreck was brought back to life by John Gillman (according to the fellows over at


Overlord’s Blog: Cuckoo the Panther Tank

Overlord’s Blog has posted a new article about the 4th Coldstreams Guards armored battalion during the campaign in Western Europe in WW2. In particular, the article looks at “Cuckoo”, a captured German Panther tank used by the unit for a time.


eGl0UcSShe was named Cuckoo. All the vehicles of the command group in the Coldstreams were named after birds, for example the battalion commander’s tank was called “Eagle”, a armoured command vehicle was “Vulture”, and they had scout cars named “Pigeon”, “Wren” and “Owlet”, to name but a few. Keeping with this ornithological theme “Cuckoo” seemed to fit a German tank in a British unit.

Cuckoo’s wartime exploits are difficult to find, she first gets a mention in the reduction of the Geijsteren, a castle in Holland which was surrounded by a moat, flood water and mud, with its bridge blown and the causeway leading to it covered by German guns. The British after seeing the results of a similar attack decided it would be easier to just reduce it with fire-power, and set about this on the 27th of November. Here Cuckoo’s long gun is singled out for praise as it was able to smash shells with unerring accuracy through windows and loopholes. Despite the Coldstreams shooting at it nothing much was achieved, so on the 28th the Allies prepared for a shooting party.

Read the full article here


Video: PT-76 and ASU-85

From the same youtube channel as the T-54/T-55 videos we posted yesterday, here are some new videos containing footage of the Soviet PT-76 light tank and the Soviet ASU-85 self-propelled gun.


M114 chassis for sale

WCSH in Cornish, Maine is reporting about a local man that is looking to sell a running M114 chassis.  The seller has the vehicle listed on Craigslist for $10,000 but also notes he will accept vintage Star Wars toys in partial trade.  So for those who want to trade in your old Darth Vader figures for a tracked vehicle chassis, this might be the right deal for you.  Click on the image below to view the WCSH news video.

M114 for sale


Book Alert: Panzerwrecks In Focus 1 Jagdpanzer 38

Panzerwrecks is introducing a new series of books called “In Focus.”  The first volume in this series is In Focus 1: Jagdpanzer 38.  This book is slated for a May 18 rekease date.

Publishers Description:

In Focus 1: Jagdpanzer 38 is the first in a new series of books from Panzerwrecks. As its titles implies, the subject is the German Jagdpanzer 38 tank hunter. The subject has been written about before and many photos published, but this book combines 20 years original research and gathering of materials to take a look at the vehicle using 117 rare large format photographs over 112 pages. These are supplemented by specially commissioned high quality artwork by Felipe Rodna. The author and artist have worked closely together and incorporated the latest findings to offer the reader the most authentic colour plates of the Jagdpanzer 38 yet published.

Video: T-54 & T-55

Earlier this month these three videos featuring footage of Soviet era T-54 and T-55 tanks appeared on the youtube.  Most of this footage appears to be shot in the period when the T-54 and T-55 were the main frontline tank of the USSR.  The beginning of part 3 is particularly interesting as it shows some T-54-1 tanks with their distinctive turret design.



Jan-Mar 2016 issue of ARMOR online

The Jan-Mar 2016 issues of ARMOR Mounted Maneuver Journal is now available for download.  Probably the article that will interest the casual tank enthusiast the most is on by Col. William T. Nuckols Jr. and Dr. Robert S. Cameron titled Don’t Harness an Ox to a Racehorse: Get the M113 Out of the Armored Brigade Combat Team … Now, Please!  The article takes a rather critical look at the ubiquitous M113 from its introduction in the 1960’s up to the current day.

armor jan mar 2016