Book Alert: Sabot Publications

12891003_275409292790884_1564371212859414424_oToday we take a look at Sabot Publications, a new publisher of “walk around” style photo books on armored vehicles. Started earlier this year by Christopher Mrosko and Brett W. Avants, Sabot has released two books so far with two more scheduled for release later this summer.  The first title, released earlier this year is Meng Sabot Publication M1A2 Sep Abrams Main Battle Tank in Detail Book SP001. As the title implies, this book examines the M1A2 SEP Abrams MBT. The book is 104 pages and features full color photos, color plates and scale diagrams. This book was followed by the recently released 126 page volume M9 Ace Armored Combat Earthmover.  As far as we know, this is the most detailed examination of the M9 Ace published to date.  Ampersand Group did a nice review of the M9 ACE book which can be viewed at this link.  The next release slated from Sabot is a two volume set on the M60A2.  The first volume consists of  132 pages of in action photos of M60A2’s in Germany from 1978 – 1980 including photos from gunnery, maneuvers, recoveries, winter, mud and slush, and some maintenance such as turret and gun removals.  Volume 2 consists of about 30 pages of clear color photos of the M60A2 in action in Germany. The other 100 pages are an extensive walkaround of the exterior and interior.  These books are expected to be released in July and August.

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