Overlord’s Blog: Hilary Doyle Interview (2012)

mqdefaultBack in 2012 Overlord’s Blog published a several part interview with author and researcher Hilary Doyle on the topic of WW2 German armor.  Doyle is known for  the many books he co-authored with the late Thomas Jentz on German armor, including their long running Panzer Tracts series.  With four years having passed since this interview was published, we thought it was time to bring some attention to this interesting piece.  The interview is broken up into several pages, links to which we have provided below.  The questions posed to Doyle were submitted by readers, which explains why the quality of the questions sometimes varies.  It is also worth pointing out that the first page of the interview is somewhat confusingly labeled “Part 4”, parts 1 through 3 do not contain interview segments.

Overlord’s Blog Hilary Doyle interview Page 1

Overlord’s Blog Hilary Doyle interview Page 2

Overlord’s Blog Hilary Doyle interview Page 3

Overlord’s Blog Hilary Doyle interview Page 4

Overlord’s Blog Hilary Doyle interview Page 5



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