Book Review: M60A2 Main Battle Tank, Volume 1

Sabot Publications is a relatively new publisher and M60A2 Main Battle Tank Volume 1 In Detail is their third release.  As the title states, this book examines the M60A2, the most short lived and least successful member of the M60 family of tanks..  The format of the book is pretty simple, this is primary a photo reference book.  Their are a couple pages at the beginning of the book giving a history of the M60A2, followed by 120+ pages of photos.  The layout consists primarily of two black and white pictures per page with text descriptions.  The photo captions are well done and contain a good deal of information.

All in all, there are over 250 pictures in this book, primarily showing the M60A2 out in the field.  There are several different individual tanks shown on exercise in Germany in the 1978-1980 period.  People looking for pictures of the M60A2 being recovered from getting immobilized will find quite a few nice examples between these pages.  There are also sections devoted to close up shots of various components, including multiple pictures of the 152mm gun being removed from the vehicle.  A photo of an M60A2 next to a Soviet T-55 gives a nice example of just how tall the M60 family of tanks were compared to their cold war adversary.

M60A2 bookThe book is roughly magazine sized, with card stock thickness covers, a strong binding and nice quality glossy pages.  Total page count is 128 pages.  This book should serve as a very handy reference for model builders who decide to tackle this rather unusual vehicle.  Sabot Publication is planning a second volume looking at the M60A2 which should be available relatively soon.  Other Sabot titles include volumes on the M1A2 SEP Abrams and the M9ACE, and upcoming titles include those looking at the Stryker MGS, Patriot Mobile Missile Defense System, M1 ABV, and the MLRS.  For more information regarding Sabot Publications, be sure to visit their Facebook page.

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