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Here is a round up of AFV related news stories.  As always, click on the title link to go to the full article.


IHS Jane’s – ST Kinetics showcases expanded Terrex IFV family with an eye on international requirements

1679324_-_mainSingapore Technologies (ST) Kinetics, the land systems division of state-affiliated defence prime ST Engineering, is seeking to expand its global 8×8 armoured vehicle footprint with the Terrex family of infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs), which now includes three distinct platforms with gross vehicle weight (GVW) ratings ranging from 24-35 tonnes.  Senior ST Kinetics executives asserted during a closed press briefing on 22 July – which also commemorated an occasion where all three current members of the Terrex family were displayed together for the first time – that the company’s sustained efforts in capability development will enable it to meet the growing spectrum of operational requirements from international customers.


Herald-Mail Media – Letterkenny celebrates upgrades to armored vehicle

57967c72266cc.imageCHAMBERSBURG, Pa. — Letterkenny Army Depot last week celebrated production of its upgraded mine-resistant, ambush-protected vehicle designed for soldiers to use in clearing routes.  The RG31 now has 300 horsepower, a larger transmission, the addition of independent suspension for improved mobility, 360-degree spotlights for night visibility and an armored gunner’s hatch, according to a news release.  “When most people think of Letterkenny, they think of missiles … and that is a huge part of what we do here,” depot Commander Col. Deacon Maddox said in a statement. “What many people do not know about Letterkenny is that approximately one-third of the depot’s work is the (route clearance vehicles), which includes the RG31.”



UPI – Ukraine military receives 10 Dozor-B armored vehicles

Ukraine-military-receives-10-Dozor-B-armored-vehiclesKIEV, Ukraine, July 21 (UPI) — The Ukrainian military has taken custody of 10 Dozor-B armored vehicles, the Ukroboronprom defense concern announced Wednesday.  The military has accepted the fighting vehicles, which are ready to use without any restrictions, the company said in a statement.  The modern armored vehicle can carry 10 troops and offers protection from armor-piercing bullets, shrapnel, mines, chemical and radiological attacks.


Defense – Slovakia To Purchase 30 Rosomak Armored Vehicle From Poland

rosomak_a_1469434950Slovokia is negotiating a purchase of 30 eight-wheeled Rosomak armored modular vehicle (AMV) from Poland.  The announcement by Poland’s defense ministry follows unsubstantiated news reports that Slovakia’s Defense Ministry had scrapped the acquisition plan, Sputnik reported Monday.  Bartlomiej Misiewicz, the Polish Defense Ministry spokesperson was quoted as saying by the news daily that the negotiations “will be continued, as indicated by the talks by the defense ministers of Poland and Slovakia that took place during NATO’s summit in Warsaw.”


TRT World – 4 ways Turks stopped tanks during the failed coup

trtworld-nid-151401-fid-183704.jpg“How do we stop a tank?” was not a question that many Turkish civilians considered before the failed coup attempt on July 15.  Quick thinking, improvisation and sheer determination by civilians in a desperate situation answered this question as thousands stood together to stop a coup from taking place.  Unable to reach rebel helicopters and fighter jets firing at them, civilians took on their biggest threat within their reach, army tanks which had blocked off key locations around Ankara and Istanbul.


The National Interest – Is Russia About to Make Tanks (As We Know Them) Obsolete?

9may2015moscow-09_0.jpgCould the Russian Terminator series—also know as the Boyevaya Mashina Podderzhki Tankov—be the harbinger of future armored vehicle design?  Based on its experience in Ukraine, Georgia, Chechnya and Afghanistan, the Russian military certain believes so according to Ruslan Pukhov, director of the Moscow-based Centre for the Analysis of Strategies and Technologies (CAST). As such, Russia is mulling over the possibility of ditching the traditional tank—as it is currently conceptualized—and considering adopting a machine that is much more capable of defending itself against missile-equipped infantry and engaging other vehicles at stand-off ranges with anti-tank missiles.


Morocco World News – Morocco Receives First US Abrams Tanks for Royal Armed Forces

Morocco-to-Spend-MAD-3-Billion-in-the-Purchase-of-150-US-Armored-TanksRabat – Upon the instructions of the King, Supreme Commander and Chief of General Staff of the Royal Armed Forces (FAR), a ceremony to receive the first US Abrams Tanks M1A1, meant for the FAR, was held on Tuesday at the central department for material management and storage (ECGCM) in Nouaceur.  Chaired by Major General, Inspector of the Armored Corps , the ceremony was attended by wali of greater Casablanca and US Consul General in Casablanca, as well as by two important Moroccan and American delegations, said a statement by the FAR general staff.


The Jerusalem Post – The first Hebrew tank battalion switches to Merkava MK 4 tanks

ShowImageIn recent days, the IDF’s Battalion 82 took a leap forward through decades of military technology, when it left behind it Merkava MK 2 tanks, and took possession of the cutting edge Merkava MK 4 tanks instead.  Battalion 82, a part of the 7 Armored Brigade, is the first Hebrew armored formation. It was formed prior to the 1948 War of Independence, and took part in every one of Israel’s wars, according to Maj. Itamar Michaeli, the battalion’s deputy commander.


Interfax – Ukraine – Ukraine transferring new batch of Oplot combat tanks to Thailand

0206_124711Ukraine is transferring a new batch of new Oplot-T combat tanks being built at Malyshev Plant (Kharkiv) to Thailand under a contract of over $200 million signed in 2011.  The press service of Malyshev Plant reported that the acceptance certificate was signed recently by representatives of Thai Armed Forces arrived to Ukraine.  The foreign customer confirmed that all characteristics of new tanks meet the contract requirements. The batch of tanks is ready for shipping, the press service said.

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