Video: Abandoned & Wrecked Tanks

Here is a new youtube video of abandoned & wrecked tanks.  Many of these images have been seen before, but it’s still worth a watch.


  1. PETIT Pierre says:

    I know very well a lot of graveyards of tanks and aircrafts in Kabul. A fantastic open museum I found old chevy’s of the 30′ and old recce vehicle of the indian army. I don’t remember how many tanks. The soviet vehicle was a SU 76 in good shape. A french colonel took with the green flag of the afghan authorities a very rare french FT 17 TSF purchased by the king of Afghanistan during the 20′. This vehicle is now in the reserve of the Saumur Tanks museum.


  2. Seeing the Merkava MK I tanks was really a shocker, it seems like it was only yesterday that they were the hottest shit in the Middle East-and still are! Of course, they aren’t designated to be range targets or melted down; they will in all likelihood be equipping reserve units or being converted into Namer APCs…


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