Video: Abandoned & Wrecked Tanks

Here is a new youtube video of abandoned & wrecked tanks.  Many of these images have been seen before, but it’s still worth a watch.

Rusting T-64 tanks in the Ukraine

KyivPost has posted an article about the hundreds of T-64 tanks rusting away in huge outdoor storage areas in Ukraine.

original_bigIn the late 1980s, with the Cold War still on, the Soviet Union had an estimated 53,000 main battle tanks. As late as 1991, Soviet tank factories could still produce thousands of tanks a year. The Malyshev Tank Factory in Kharkiv alone made 800 tanks in the last year of Soviet Ukraine’s existence.

Yet when conflict broke out in eastern Ukraine in 2014, Ukraine suddenly found itself very short of tanks. Where did they all go?

“Ukraine had approximately 5,000 to 7,000 tanks left after the breakup of Soviet Union,” military expert and director of consulting firm Defense Express Serhiy Zhurets told the Kyiv Post. “But I doubt that the government has allocated any funds for tank maintenance at all for the last 25 years. About 10 tanks could have been kept in good condition, but no more.”

Full article here.

Tank graveyard photo gallery

kabul3jpgThe website has published a photo gallery of the “7 most incredible tank graveyards on Earth.”  For those that like looking at pictures of old tanks in terrible condition, this will be of interest.  Picture locations include Afghanistan, Eritrea, Laos, Germany, Croatia, Kuwait and Iraq.  View gallery here.

Ukraine’s Tank Graveyard

tank-graveyard-6_2840058kThe Telegraph has posted an interesting picture gallery of a large tank “graveyard” near the city of Kharkov in Ukraine. These photos were snapped by an intrepid young explorer named Patvel Itkin, who was able to sneak past the guards and enter the compound. This area was once a repair depot but now houses roughly 400 tanks, silently rusting away. These photos were originally posted back in March of 2014.