Book Alert: New titles from Tankograd Publishing

Tankograd Publishing has announced a couple upcoming titles that will be of interest to AFV fans.  “T-34 NVA” examines the Soviet T-34 tank in East German service and is scheduled for a mid-September release.  “Puma Part 1” takes a look at the new German Puma infantry fighting vehicle and is also slated for a mid-September release.

Publisher’s Description:

T 34 NVA  The Soviet T-34 Tank and its Variants in Service with the East German Army (NVA)

2011 T34NVA 01The first tanks of the East German armed forces in the immediate post-war era became the Soviet T 34/76 and T 34/85. These vehicles came from Red Army wartime production and were soon supplemented by post-war Polish production vehicles. During its service in the armed forces of the German Democratic Republic (DDR) the T 34/85 was modernised to German T 34/85m standards. Additionally several German-designed T 34-based armoured recovery vehicles and specialised vehicles were introduced. Alongside these served SU 85 and SU 100 self-propelled guns.
This publication comprehensively describes the various production batches of the T 34 in the DDR, the modernisation efforts, the variants and last but not least the story of the T 34-equipped units of the Kasernierte Volkspolizei (KVP) and Nationale Volksarmee (NVA) of the DDR.

Quantity Photos and Illustrations:
Illustrated with 123 black&white photographs and 15 graphics
Text – Language:
English text
Number of Pages: 64

PUMA  The New Armoured infantry Fighting Vehicle of the Bundeswehr – Part 1

5061 Puma 01After a long and demanding development the new Schützenpanzer Puma armoured infantry fighting vehicle was now introduced to the German Bundeswehr. During his research the author was granted hitherto unprecedented access to the development history, technology and training of the Puma. This publication shows on 128 pages in two volumes and with a total of 350 illustrations so many details of the weapon system that the reader is able to “look over the shoulder” of engineers, mechanics and crew. A worthy documentation of this latest high-tech asset to the German armed forces.

Quantity Photos and Illustrations:
Illustrated with 163 colour photographs and 3 graphics
Text – Language:
English text
Number of Pages: 64


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