Taiwanese CM-11 Brave Tiger tank falls from bridge, killing three soldiers

A sad story from BBC, a Taiwanese CM-11 “Brave Tiger” tank plunged off a bridge in a training exercise killing three soldiers.  The article states that an apparent mechanical failure left the driver unable to execute a turn, causing the accident.  The driver was able to escape from the vehicle with light injuries.  Four others were retrieved from the vehicle, of which only the tank commander was able to be revived.  The article does not note why five people were inside the tank, which normally has a crew of four. The CM-11 is based on the US M48/M60 family of tanks which have a belly hatch near the drivers position.  The accident happened at the Wangsha river in Pingtung county in the south of the country and the vehicle was reported to be part of the Eighth Army Command.


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