Gun Barrel snaps off Taiwanese CM-11

Taiwan seems to be having a string of bad luck regarding their CM-11 tanks this month.  A couple weeks ago they had one drive off a bridge, resulting in the deaths of several crew men.  Now, according to Focus Taiwan news channel, the gun barrel of one of their CM-11 tanks broke during live fire training.  According to the article:

201608310016t0001The incident occurred when the gun barrel cracked and then snapped at a point just behind its fume extractor after the CM-11 involved fired a second shot during a test by the 542nd Armor Brigade of the 6th Army Corps at a base in Hukou in Hsinchu County, the Army said.

Nobody was injured during the incident, according to the Army, which is looking into what caused the gun barrel’s failure.

The Army Command Headquarters has ordered all CM-11 model armored vehicles to stop firing shots pending an investigation into the incident, the 6th Army Corps said.

The tank was more than 20 years old, a military source confirmed.

The CM-11, also known at the “Brave Tiger”, is a combination of the hull of a US made M60 MBT and the turret of M48 medium tank with a 105mm gun and improvements to the fire control systems.

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