Mosul: Iraq tanks crush suicide cars on bloody road

iraqi-tank-crewAn interesting article appeared yesterday in The Australian on the recent fighting in Mosul.  Titled “Iraq tanks crush suicide cars on bloody road”, the article tells the story of an Iraqi M1 Abrams tank battling Isis suicide bomb trucks.  The one odd part of the story is the bit about the gun “jamming.”  Any comment regarding this from current or former Abrams crew would be much appreciated.  The full article can be read here.

Article excerpt:

The Isis suicide bomber raced down a potholed road at the wheel of a home-made armoured car with bolted-on sheets of metal. Manoeuvring the main gun on a US-made M1 Abrams tank, Captain Mustafa Khaleel, a commander in the Iraqi army’s 9th Armoured Division, watched calmly as the vehicle flew towards him at full speed. Exhaling slowly, he aimed at his target and pulled the trigger.

Nothing happened. The gun had jammed. Stiff with panic, Khaleel, 29, watched as the car carried on towards him. The impact, when it came, threw him against the tank’s white-painted metal interior — the explosion so loud it deafened him.

After coming to, Khaleel looked through the sights again. The car was gone, crushed beneath the tracks of the tank, which itself was barely damaged. Climbing out of the hatch he saw burnt pieces of the Isis fighter’s body scattered around him on the road.

“We were scared for a second,” he grinned, leaning back in the commander’s seat. “But I’ve destroyed 200 of these suicide cars. They can’t touch us. In Mosul I’ll make it 300.”

The pride of the Iraqi army, the 9th Armoured Division, has played a vital role in the liberation of the cities of Tikrit, Ramadi and Falluja from Isis since early last year, smashing through the waves of suicide vehicles that protect the Islamists’ front lines.

Photo of the Day: Pick a good one for Victory

The POTD is a somewhat amusing one, featuring a young child sitting upon a French H39 tank during the celebration of the liberation of Paris in August of 1944.  This colorized photo comes from the facebook page of 2.světová válka v barvě.


Video: Hummel Walkaround – Saumur Tank Museum – Musée Des Blindés.

For those looking for some up close images of the World War II era German Hummel SPG at the Musée Des Blindés in Saumer France, this video may be worth a look.

Video: An Unofficial High Speed Tour of The Tank Museum Bovington (Part 1)

Nicholas “The Chieftain” Moran gives us a high speed tour of the Tank Museum at Bovington. Part I.

My Tank Ancestor: Molly Johnson

The Tank Museum at Bovington presents another installment in their “My Tank Ancestor” series of videos.

The Chieftain’s Hatch: The TD Archives

Nicholas Moran, North American researcher for World of Tanks has posted a new article sharing some discoveries from the archives regarding US WWII era tank destroyers.


Every now and then I come across things in the Tank Destroyer Board archives which are interesting, but not necessarily suitable for a post by themselves. Sometimes I’ll put up the picture or comment on my Facebook page, but I think this collection of writings is worth sharing.

We start with some comments reported to the board in February 1945, from the ETO.

Searchlight Illumination

Searchlights employed so that the beams shine just above the height of a man will cause individuals and vehicles to cast shadows which are easily seen. This reduces the probability of surprise by the enemy in snow covered terrain. - Commanding General, 35th AAA Brigade.

[Chieftain’s Note: Those of you who make scale or Lego models may be familiar with this technique. When you drop a part, the use of a torch (flashlight) at floor level casts long shadows, making it easy to find it.]

Photo from the Korean War. Truck and Jeep-mounted searchlights were used as late as Vietnam


Much excitement was caused in our command post when a line captain reported 25 Tiger tanks headed our way. Questioned, he admitted he had seen one tank and "assumed there were at least 25 since they usually attacked in mass." Investigation showed there was just one tank, and that between us and it was a road block covered by a minefield, bazooka teams, and three tank destroyers. 1106th Engineer Group.

[Chieftain’s Note: Well, this demonstrates the difference between information and intelligence.]

Read the full article at The Chieftain’s Hatch.

AFV News from around the Net

Here is a collection of some recent articles and videos concerning tanks and AFVs that are circulating the internet. Click on the headline to read the full article. – Turkey Mulling Upgrade to Leopard 2s, M60s

m60t1ANKARA—Turkey’s military and procurement officials are mulling the options of upgrading hundreds of German-made Leopard 2 and U.S.-made M60 main battle tanks.
  One senior procurement official familiar with the program said that about 100 Leopard 2s and 300 M60s would go through an upgrade program.  Industry sources say such upgrades would cost Ankara anywhere between $2 million to $3 million per tank. A bunch of 300 to 400 tank upgrades will have a total cost of more than $1 billion.  They say Turkey’s defense procurement agency, the Undersecretariat for Defense Industries (SSM in its Turkish acronym) would most likely award the Leopard 2 upgrade contract to the German Rheinmetall’s three-partner, Turkey-based venture, RBSS. Rheinmetall’s partners are the Turkish armored vehicles manufacturer BMC and the Malaysia-based Etika Strategi. – Italy’s New Centauro II Tank Shown Off in Rome

centauroROME — Italy’s new tank, the Centauro II, was shown off at a military test range Wednesday, as the country’s Parliament continued to decide whether to fund the vehicle.  Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff Lt. Gen. Danilo Errico and Leonardo CEO Mauro Moretti were among guests who gathered Oct. 19 at the Cecchignola Army range on the fringes of Rome to watch a prototype of the wheeled tank being put through its paces. The Army hopes to buy 150 of the vehicles, which is built by a joint venture between Leonardo and Italian truck-maker Iveco.

 The – Two injured after army tank falls 50 metres in Alps

a1e02a3098fdb3c37ae3768b3d7667b9a7ffff68dc23c45345d6bc377233b546The 31-year-old was airlifted to hospital in Munich in a helicopter after the crash, police reported on Thursday. The 24-year-old driver of the tank was also lightly injured.  The crash happened in the mountainous Tyrol region of Austria, where the soldiers were on exercise on Wednesday evening. The driver reportedly lost his way in thick fog and the tank rolled over several times as it fell down the hill.  A recovery crane was brought in to the crash site, and only after it had recovered the tank could the two men be freed.

 The Daily Telegraph – Army corporal shot dead after driving tank from Holsworthy to Harbour Bridge in 1986

90302aea7a0fe3e711dcb7371c217f47SHOOT the deranged man driving the stolen tank or risk mass Sydney casualties.  That was the strange dilemma facing police officer Ron Mason 30 years ago as he climbed on top of a stolen Army tank parked on the Sydney Harbour Bridge.  “There is going to be substantial death — either to motorists or train passengers or even in the harbour — if I didn’t shoot him,” retired detective superintendent Ron Mason told The Daily Telegraph on the incident’s anniversary. – Tank comes to Clinton

m60a1CLINTON Forty-two tons of steel flew through the air Saturday as the Ohio Veterans’ Memorial Park took possession of its newest relic — an M60A1 tank.  A crane gently placed the hulking tank onto a decorative rock garden a few paces from the park’s display of a 1963 Cobra AH-1F helicopter.  A VFW post in Defiance donated the M60A1 “Patton” tank to the park.  “It actually was going to be melted down for scrap because they had no place to put it,” said Ken Noon, president of the not-for-profit Ohio Veterans’ Memorial Park.

 IHS Jane’s – AUSA 2016: BAE Systems debut Bradley Next Generation Prototype

IHS Jane’s – AUSA 2016: BAE Systems Armoured Multipurpose Vehicle program (AMVP) for the US Army