UK may purchase Boxer 8X8 from Germany

cd47c186c79d809c717463f1a167c111Several news sources are reporting that the UK is seriously considering the purchase of 800 German-built Boxer 8×8 multi-role armored vehicle.  The deal would be worth 3 billion Pounds, each vehicle costing 4 million Pounds apiece.  Reports note that the British MoD are attempting to fast track this purchase by making it a single-source contract, effectively cutting out competitors such as the Patria of Finland, Nexter Systems of France and ST Kinetics from Singapore.  The urgency of this purchase is said to be the result of fears of a further drop in the value of the British Pound due to the economic effects of the Brexit.  The Boxer would replace the cold-war era FV430 series and the CVR(T) series.  Attempts have been made to replace these vehicles several times in the past, resulting in failure due to budget cuts and internal disagreements about requirements.  This new plan to purchase the Boxer also has critics.  According to Russia Today:

“The MoD is at risk of making a very poor decision, and making it for all the wrong reasons,” a defense industry source told the Times. “A single-source contract would be pursued only because it’s an easy and quick option.” The source claimed that a competition could be timely and save taxpayers “up to 40 per cent on a £3 billion ($3.66bn) programme”.

“The army is in a rush because this has taken decades,” said another insider. “It is nervous the money will go and then the heart of the transformation of the army that [Chief of Staff General] Nick Carter has in mind is in jeopardy because they are going to have a force that doesn’t fit together.”

For more information, here are articles on this story from International Business Times, Defense and Russia Today.

Video: Mbombe6, Boxer and Piranha 5

Here are a few recent video’s from IHS Jane’s reporter Christopher Foss covering a few different armored wheeled combat vehicles.



Lithuania favoring Boxer 8×8 IPV to replace M113

ifvJane’s is reporting that the Lithuania’s military has recommended the country buys the ARTEC Boxer 8×8 infantry fighting vehicle.  ARTEC is a joint venture between Krauss-Maffei Wegmann & Rheinmetall MAN. The new wheeled IFV will equip two battalions of the ‘Iron Wolf’ mechanised infantry brigade to replace obsolete M113 tracked armored personnel carriers. Each battalion will consist of three companies, each with 10-12 IFVs, for a total of 60-72 IFVs. The program award will be biggest contract ever for the Lithuanian Armed Forces, worth about  $502 million. Delivery is to begin in 2017 and continue until 2020.  Several companies were invited for negotiations, including: Elbit, FNSS, KMW/ARTEC, Lockheed Martin UK, Nexter, Patria, Otokar, Oto Melara/Iveco, General Dynamics Land Systems and General Dynamics European Land Systems.

Full article here.

Here is a video of Jane’s reporter Christopher Foss describing the Boxer in 2014.