From the Editor: Bad Headlines, Big Traffic

tumblr_ofl884dr1d1rqpszmo1_1280Last Friday we make a photo of the day post titled “Casting a Tank Hull” which showed a red hot Swiss Pz 68 hull being lowered into a vat as part of the hull manufacturing process.  We came up with the title of the post rather quickly, and frankly, it’s a sloppy title.  As several readers have pointed out, the image does not depict the actual casting process, but rather the heat treating of the hull after it is cast.  As one reader in the comments section noted:

Looks like oil bath tempering of the pre-heated casting. The hull will have been cast , fettled (de-scaled), runners and risers removed, then reheated to homogenize, before quenching.

So yes, we admit it was a less than accurate headline.  Normally we would move on without mentioning it, except for the fact that this post has, as they say, “gone viral.”  It would seem that Facebook is to blame.  Typically, our facebook posts reach a number of people in the two digits range.  “Casting a Tank Hull” has reached 83,155 people and been shared 231 times.  And while we are very grateful for the exposure, we really wish it hadn’t been for a post with an inaccurate title.  Oh well, any publicity is good publicity, as they say…

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