Website of the Day:

Instead of a “Photo of the Day”, we are doing a “Website of the Day” feature today.  And the website we would like to focus on is  For those interested in surving historic armor, there is much to see here.  The author of the page, Craig Moore of the UK, has posted an impressive amount of content.  The site features galleries of vehicles from each of the combatant countries of WWII (as well as some neutrals) with descriptions of each of the surviving tanks.  Aside from the photo history section, there is also a shop section for those looking to purchase some model kits.  All in all, a very entertaining and useful website!

While there are hundreds of photos at this site to choose from, we rather like this one of a Churchill II tank from Bovington Tank Museum.



  1. Thanks for the review. I always found it hard to find information on where to go and see surviving tanks so i decided to start a website to help others find them. (I am also a writer / editor on


  2. Thanks for the heads up !


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