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It’s been a few days since our last post.  Here is a collection of recent articles related to tanks and armored vehicles.  Click on the title to go to the full article.

The National Interest – Exposed: The Forgotten World War I Tank Germany Should Have Built

stridsvagn_m21_strangnas_12-08-11_3When the German army’s first domestically-built tanks rolled into combat in March 1918 at St. Quentin Canal, the armored beasts looked considerably different from British and French designs — and most post-war tanks to follow.  The A7V was a monster, stuffed with 18 crew members and brimming with six machine guns and a 57-millimeter cannon. While certainly terrifying to Allied troops, it was expensive, slow, mechanically troubled and too limited in number to affect the outcome of the war.  It was not the worst tank ever, but not exactly good, either. There’s a reason why the bulk of Germany’s World War I tank force was comprised of captured — and superior — French and British designs.

The Financial Express – Russia’s upgraded T-90 battle tanks to give Indian Army ‘unmatched’ firepower against Pakistan!

t-90-riaGiving a much-needed boost to the Indian Army’s attack capabilities, Manohar Parrikar-led Defence Acquisition Council (DAC) has cleared a deal for buying upgraded versions of Russia’s powerful T-90 tanks for Rs 13,448 crore. The acquisition of T-90 tanks would not only add a potent weapon in the hands of the Indian Army, but would also send a strong warning to Pakistan. Reports suggest that an initial approval has been given for the procurement of 464 T-90 tanks under the Modi government’s Make in India initiative. The tanks, once the deal with Russia comes through, will be manufactured at the Ordnance Factory Board.

The Telegraph – Let’s celebrate 100 years of the tank – British engineering that changed the world

108603699_news_ww1_tank_in_trafalgar_square-large_transcwrklkjrqscfvyu_8cux-uymapkpjdhylnv9ax6_tooA lost work from author A. A. Milne was discovered this October, championing the British invention of the tank. As a serviceman who served in the First World War, Milne knew the importance of such a feat of British engineering but he could not have predicted the relevance his words would still hold today.  One hundred years ago “those wonderful tanks”, as Milne christened them, were being used in active service for the first time during the Battle of the Somme, a battle in which he was wounded and invalided back to the UK. As a former tank commander with the British Army, these last months have had some poignancy for me – as I’m sure they will for many others.

The National Interest – Russia’s Armata T-14 Tank Could Be Super Dangerous on the Battlefield (But There Is One Simple Problem)

vdaygeneralrehearsalp2-05A British Army intelligence report offers an alarmist assessment of Russia’s new T-14 Armata main battle tank. Most U.S. defense analysts, however, are much more measured in their analysis of the new Russian machines. While the T-14 will likely be an excellent tank when it becomes operational, it is not quite the “revolution” that the British claim it to be. Moreover, it is far too expensive to produce in mass numbers.  “Without hyperbole, Armata represents the most revolutionary step change in tank design in the last half century,” states a British Army intelligence report cited by The Telegraph.

Popular Mechanics – China Parades Its Newest Tanks and Armored Vehicles

gallery-1478635827-zbd97ifvMost attention regarding China’s recent military modernization and buildup has concentrated on air and naval forces. That’s only natural, since they’re the tip of the spear and the equipment most often seen abroad. It’s easy to forget that China still has the world’s largest army, the 1.6 million strong People’s Liberation Army Ground Forces (PLAGF).  The PLAGF has been modernizing at a slower pace than China’s other armed services, but it’s also receiving some brand-new armored vehicles, a number of which were demonstrated at last week’s Zuhai Air Show, including the MBT-300 main battle tank, VN12 infantry fighting vehicle, and a host of smaller, wheeled protected vehicles.

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