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Canadian World War II tank found in Dutch Bog

Here is an article from RTV Noord about a Canadian WWII era tank found buried in a bog.  This was translated with google translate, the original article is in Dutch.  It is not clear if the tank in the picture is the one that is believed to be buried in the bog, although the article does identify it as a Canadian Sherman tank.

It seems unlikely, but it’s true. Near the Paterswoldsemeer has found a Canadian Sherman tank from World War II.

No one has seen the tank in the last 71 years, but he’s probably still in good condition. In the summer of 1945, the road tank was hit and sunk in the bog. And there, five meters below the ground state ‘ie still.

864x486Illegal business out
tank in the ground at the end of the Reigerlaan, when Paterswoldsemeer. He has since sunk during an illegal business out in that particular summer.

A resident of the Reigerlaan wanted to sail with his motor boat and exchanged with Canadian soldiers a liter of gin against 100 liters of gasoline.

But Canadians reason Reigerlaan with a whole Sherman tank of thirty tons, which sank immediately at the end of the road in the foreground. A second tank, which was pulling the other got stuck. A third tank succeeded in the end in order to pull the second tank of a great distance and solid ground, but the first tank was then too far into the ground.

The case recently came to light because the house where the tank is located under the ramp, has been sold and will be demolished to make way for new construction. By passing the act the story went around singing and got amateur historian Sietse Dunning air of the story. He then followed the track back.

The soil at the Paterswoldsemeer consists of peat. Beware depth of five meters is a layer of sand. Research with ground radar and metal detectors with the help of an archaeological research has now shown that the tank still is.

Half a million
a restored Sherman tank is between 250,000 and 500,000 euros worth. Because the tank is worth so much, Dunning who has also chosen as the official owner. That turns out to be the municipality of Tynaarlo, because the tank lies just a few meters on the ‘wrong side’ of the border.

What is going to happen to the tank is unclear, but according to Dunning would be nice to lift the tank and use it as a monument. The two provinces-point, at the corner of the Groningerweg and Meerweg, according to him a nice option.


Photo of the Day: Merry Christmas from a M3 Lee!

This photo comes from  Pictures of the world by royston colour.  It shows Santa trading in his Sleigh for a M3 Lee Medium tank.


Photo Description:

US Sgt. Hiram E. Prouty (20344717) of US 175th Infantry Regiment, 29th Infantry Division dressed as Santa Claus arriving on a late production M3 tank (W-3,028,835) “Buccaneer” at Camp Perham Down, Wiltshire, England. December 1942 [Read more…]

Inside the Chieftain’s Hatch: Stridsvagn m/42 part 1

Nicholas “The Chieftain” Moran gives us a Christmas Eve gift in the form of a video examining the Swedish Stridsvagn m/42 tank.

From the Vault: Trunnions on the Move

Today we present an article from the January-February 1986 issue of ARMOR magazine titled “Trunnions on the Move” by Robin Fletcher.  Although thirty years old, this article is still relevant for those with an interest in tank layout design, particularly issues involved in turret design.  With the end of the Cold War, much of the impetus to produce new MBTs using some of the alternative turret ideas explored in this article was lost.   However, the introduction of the new Russian Armata will no doubt reignite interest in some of these turret and gun mounting concepts.  We have posted the pages of the article in a photo gallery below, or the entire issue can be downloaded as a PDF here.

ISIS Captures Two Turkish Leopard 2A4 tanks.

Numerous sources are reporting that ISIS has captured two Leopard 2A4 tanks belonging to the Turkish Army. has posted pictures of the tanks, which fell victim to ISIS after a failed offensive by Turkish troops near Al-Bab in Syria.


wkhzzp69cgy-696x392Clashes between Turkish-backed Syrian rebels and Islamic State militants intensified around the northern Syrian town of al-Bab on Wednesday, killing 14 Turkish soldiers and 138 jihadists, the army said.

The fighting, in which 33 Turkish soldiers were also wounded, is some of the deadliest yet in Turkey’s nearly four-month-old “Euphrates Shield” operation in northern Syria.

Earlier ISIS propagandists have released pictures of the strikes on Turkish Leopard-2 main battle tanks in Syria.

German-made Leopard 2A4 tanks operated by the Turkish Armed Forces have been deployed to Syria for the first time since the start of Turkey’s Euphrates Shield incursion.

This follows a post from from last week reporting about two Turkish Leopard 2 tanks destroyed by ISIS ATGM teams.

5f7e74b0cde0Dec 14, 2016 – ISIS propagandists have released pictures of the strikes on Turkish Leopard-2 main battle tanks in Syria.

ISIS has targeted two Turkish Leopard 2A4s near Syria’s northern city of Al-Bab, making it the third anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) strike on Turkish Leopards in two days. Military experts believe that the tanks were hit with the Soviet-produced Fagot or Konkurs anti-tank guided missile system.

Earlier, Turkish troops in Syria, have lost the Leopard 2A4 tank, which was hit by an antitank guided weapons system near of Al-Bab. As a result of the missile hit, four armor crewmen were wounded.

German-made Leopard 2A4 tanks operated by the Turkish Armed Forces have been deployed to Syria for the first time since the start of Turkey’s Euphrates Shield incursion.

The quantity of deployed Leopard 2A4s could be estimated at around 50 tanks.

Photo of the Day: M47 Gets New Paint

Today’s POTD comes from which is reporting on a M47 tank outside of American Legion Post 296 in Destin, Florida which is getting a new coat of paint.  Full story here.