The Tank Museum: The Matilda Diaries Part 22

Here is part 22 of the Matilda Diaries series from the Tank Museum at Bovington.  This video series documents the restoration of the Matilda infantry tank housed at the Tank Museum.

The Matilda Diaries Part 12

Episode 12 of The Matilda Diaries chronicling the restoration of the Matilda infantry tank at the Bovington Tank Musuem is now online.  This clip looks at the restoration of the turret interior.

Matilda Diaries: Matilda Breech Operation

This short video is part of the Tank Museum “Matilda Diaries” series, documenting their restoration of a Matilda II tank.

The Matilda Diaries Part 8

The Tank Museum presents part 8 of their video series showing the restoration of their Matilda tank.  Here Bob Darwood explains what is involved in re-assembling the road wheels into the bogies.

The Matilda Diaries Part 7

The Tank Museum video series documenting the restoration of their Matilda II infantry tank continues in part 7.

Photo of the Day: Matilda I

This photo of a Matilda I was taken last month at the Tiger Day event at Bovington Tank Museum.  The photo comes from the Flickr page of Massimo Foti, who has amassed a fantastic collection of quality photos of tanks and armored vehicles, primary from around Europe.  He regularly posts his photos at the AFV News Discussion Board, a forum we recommend to anyone that is interested in learning about the many tanks and vehicles on display at museums and other locations.



Tank Chats #19 Matilda II

From the Bovington Tank Museum:

The name Matilda means Strength in Battle from the Germanic roots Maht, meaning strong and Hild meaning battle.

The Matilda was regarded as a superb tank in its day and carved a remarkable career for itself. A few served in France in 1940 but in the early stages of the North African campaign, under General Wavell, it virtually ruled the desert. Even when the Afrika Korps arrived it remained a formidable opponent, immune to everything but the notorious 88mm gun. Its main failings were its slow speed and small gun, which could not be improved.