Strong Europe Tank Challenge

1000w_q95This past weekend saw the Strong Europe Tank Challenge event take place in Grafenwoehr, Germany.  Tank crews from six NATO or NATO-allied countries competed in a series of tests to prove which crew (and vehicles) were the best.  The competing nations included the USA, France, Germany, Poland, Austria and Ukraine, each country entering a platoon of four tanks and crews.  The inclusion of Ukraine marked a first time for that country in the competition, as well as for their T-64BV tank.  The competition was won by Austria, whose crews were operating Leopard 2A4 tanks.  Second place was taken by German tankers in Leopard 2A6 tanks.  Third place was awarded to the US platoon and their Abrams M1A2 SEP tanks.  Poland operated Leopard 2A5 tanks and France had their LeClerc MBT.  Stars and Stripes noted that Poland, France and Ukraine all scored close to the top three countries, making for a tough competition.

For more on Strong Europe Tank Challenge, check out these links from various media sources from the competing contries.

Stars and Stripes – Austria blasts its way to first place at Tank Challenge

KyivPost – Ukrainian tankmen come fifth in NATO tank biathlon

Daily Mail – Gearing up for World War Three: Nato tanks put on massive show of strength in Germany while Putin’s troops practise dropping their armour by parachute

DVIDS – Tank Challenge 2017 Photo Gallery

Scout – Which Country Won a European Tank Challenge?

And from Russian media…

Sputnik International – Members Only! NATO Holds Its Own Copycat Tank Biathlon Contest

RT – Austria blasts past Germany to win NATO’s tank games (VIDEO)

Here is video footage from the competition, from the youtube channel Military Material








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