Combat Dealers: Panther Tank

NBP_MDM_11117_crompton_5854We noticed that earlier this month an episode of the TV show “Combat Dealers” was posted on youtube.  This particular episode deals with a WWII German Panther tank that show host Bruce Crompton.  The episode also features German tank expert Hilary Doyle. Unfortunately, the episode does not mention where or from whom Mr. Crompton purchased his Panther tank.  We found a recent article concerning Mr. Crompton in the Mirror, but it provides few details regarding this Panther tank.


  1. Massimo Foti says:

    Looking at P-O registry it seems this is the tank recently purchased by the Australian Armour and Artillery Museum. At least it matches its paint job


  2. Moos Raaijmakers says:

    Former Rod and Rex Cadman tank, bought by the Aussie tank museum under restoration by Bruce Crompton ( he doesn’t own it).


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