Combat Dealers: Panther Tank

NBP_MDM_11117_crompton_5854We noticed that earlier this month an episode of the TV show “Combat Dealers” was posted on youtube.  This particular episode deals with a WWII German Panther tank that show host Bruce Crompton.  The episode also features German tank expert Hilary Doyle. Unfortunately, the episode does not mention where or from whom Mr. Crompton purchased his Panther tank.  We found a recent article concerning Mr. Crompton in the Mirror, but it provides few details regarding this Panther tank.

Book Alert: Panther on the Battlefield 2

panther-on-the-battlefield-2-480x346Peko Publishing has announced that the upcoming title Panthers on the Battlefield 2 is available for pre-order and scheduled for a Sept. 30 release date.  Little information is given regarding this title on the publisher’s website, but according to, this book will feature large photographs covering almost the entire page with detailed captions.  The text is in both Hungarian and English and the photos document vehicles both destroyed and in service.  The book is a hardcover of 112 pages. Page samples from the book can be viewed at the Armorama site here.  The book is priced at 25 euros with free world wide shipping and can be ordered at the Peko website.

Inside the Chieftain’s Hatch: Panther. Part 3

The third and final part of Nick “The Chieftain” Moran’s look at the famous German Panther tank.

Photo of the Day: Panther Wreck, 1947

Today’s photo of the day comes from a Daily Mail article containing a number of striking color photos of Europe circa 1947.  This photo of a destroyed German Panther tank (as well as the others in the Daily Mail article) was taken by David Seymour, a renowned photographer of the period.


Tank Talk: The German Panzer V Panther

New episode in the “Tank Talk” series featuring Len Dyer of the Nation Armor and cavalry Restoration Center at Fort Benning.

From the Vault: WW2 tank mobility tests

Today we have a few videos of World War 2 era tanks being put through a series of mobility tests.

First is this video from 1951 from Sweden.  The video compares the mobility of a Sherman Firefly vs a British Churchill tank, a German Panther and the Strv M/42.  The audio is in Swedish but fortunately English subtitles are provided.


The next video is of an Australian test conducted in January of 1945 comparing the Sherman and Churchill tanks.  This video shows the rather extreme conditions these vehicles were operated in by the Australian forces.  We were not able to embed this video in the post but if you click the image below, it will take you to the page where the video may be watched.


tank trials video


This next video is a short clip from a German propaganda film showing a Panther tank successfully clearing an obstacle which a M3 Lee is unable to clear.


Here is a short clip of a damaged Royal Tiger (“Porsche turret”) being put through a water fording test by Allied solders.


And finally, here is a longer clip showing US soldiers driving around a captured German Panther tank. At the 7:31 mark the footage switches to scenes of a British Archer and Valentine using a Tiger I for target practice. At the 9:18 mark the video shows footage of the hull of the uncompleted E-100 German super heavy tank.

Littlefield’s Panther Video Clip

Here is a two minute video excerpt from the TV show “Strange Inheritance” featuring the restored WW2 German Panther tank owned by the late Jacques Littlefield.  This vehicle is part of the collection that now belongs to the Collings Foundation.


Canadian War Museum: “Awesome Tanks” event

On Sunday July 26 the Canadian War Museum hosted an event called Awesome Tanks.  This event included the running of several of the museums tanks, including an Scorpion light tank and an M4 Sherman (Grizzly.)  Also involved in the event were the Ottawa Valley Amour Modellers Association, who provided over 100 models to display for the event.

Footage of a Grizzly tank being run at the event:

Here is an video showing some of the tanks and armored vehicles on display at the Canadian War Museum

And here is a video showing the restoration of a Panther tank at the Canadian War Museum.