T-34/85 Tanks in Yemen

This short video showed up recently on youtube.  According to the video description, this is a compilation of all the available footage of T-34/85 tanks in use in the fighting in Yemen.  It is a fairly short video and the resolution is not fantastic, but it’s still pretty amazing that these 60+ year old tanks are still being used in combat.


  1. I think this is the first time I saw the main gun of a T-34 being fired from outside the turret by use of a pull cord .Somebody must not trust the breach of the gun.


    • Considering the age of the vehicle, I would think it’s not an unreasonable precaution.


      • I’ve seen a lot of films of Soviet manufactured guns exploding. During WW 2 the Soviets had metallurgy problems because they were anxious to keep up production levels. Afterwards I think the factory workers just didn’t care. To be fair many refuse to get to work until the new guy returns from the State Liquor store with Vodka. Nor does it help that Russia pushes the envelope when it comes to artillery.


  2. SSSmk2A4 says:

    So.. if they fired the gun outside the tank, who’s aiming?
    Did the gunner jumped out after aiming and pulled the cord, and get inside again to aim, and so on?


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