AFV News from Around the Web

It’s time for another installment of AFV news from around the web. As always, click in the headline to go to the full article.

Defense News – Turkey aims to select tank-maker in 2018

BO4557Q5SZAINKVG4IC57X2TUIANKARA, Turkey — Turkey’s military and procurement authorities have fine-tuned their multibillion-dollar competition for the production of an indigenous battle tank with a view to selecting a winner in mid-2018.  “A timetable has shaped up,” according to a procurement official familiar with the tank program. “The procurement/management side has been synchronized with the military requirement.”  The initial phase of the Altay tank program involves the serial production of a batch of 250 units. Military officials say the program would eventually reach 1,000 units. Industry sources say the final figure could reach billions of dollars.

Defense News – MSPO: South Korea’s Hanwha eyes Estonian K9 howitzer deal

5462F5BQD5AY7JHYU7BRFJTXVYKIELCE, Poland — South Korea is this year’s featured country of MSPO, Poland’s annual defense industry show, where defense giant Hanwha Corporation is pitching its flagship K9 self-propelled howitzer to Eastern European allies.  Jinhwan Jeong, the director of the overseas business division of Hanwha Land Systems, told Defense News that some of the major contracts under development in Eastern Europe include the planned howitzer procurement to Estonia.

Defense News – Indian Army shows interest in light tanks for defense along Chinese border

INFHSKYNOFDJFC4NBC2PY7HHUYNEW DELHI ― As preparation for a possible conflict with China in high, mountainous areas, the Indian Army’s armored directorate has begun setting requirements for a small tank order, according to a source in the Ministry of Defence.  Military planners in the MoD asked the Army to draw up requirements for a light tank after China tested its homegrown light tank, Xinqingtan, which is equipped with a 105mm main gun and a 1,000-horse-power engine.

Breaking Defense – Army Boosts Stryker Firepower, But Active Protection Lags

Screen-Shot-2016-10-27-at-1.13.56-PM-300x274ABERDEEN PROVING GROUND: The Army is rapidly upgunning its 8×8 Stryker vehicles to better deter the Russians in Eastern Europe, as we wrote yesterday. But soldiers are still figuring out how they’ll use the new vehicles. And the service as a whole is struggling to update the entire armored force, from the 20-ton Stryker to the 70-ton M1 Abrams, let alone develop all-new vehicles the way Senate Armed Services chairman John McCain would want.

Orlando Sentinel – Some cops hope to get tanks back with Trump’s order allowing military equipment

os-1504194467-2lbu5l0ttk-snap-imageCentral Florida law enforcement agencies applauded a White House decision that will once again allow them to acquire a range of surplus military equipment.  At least two local agencies are planning to take advantage of the overhaul and buy their tanks back after they were recalled in 2015 due to restrictions by former president Barack Obama that banned certain military-style equipment, including grenade launchers, bayonets and high-powered firearms.

Albawaba – Explained: How US Tanks Ended up with Iraqi Militias

afp_abramsSeveral years ago, the United States debated supplying Syrian rebels with high-tech armaments such as anti-tank and surface-to-air missiles. Critics contended that the weapons might fall into the hands of US-designated “terrorist organisations”.  But it is in Iraq, that the fear has become real: the US has armed American-killing Iranian proxies and terrorist groups with its best tank, the M1 Abrams.

The Australian – Spanish shipbuilder’s landing craft sank under Australian tanks

f426066bdfd0b1f729f572ff12980682A Spanish company vying for a $30 billion Navy ship building contract is using a Youtube video to imply its landing craft can carry Australia’s heavy tanks despite the boat sinking too low in water when the armoured vehicle was put on board.  Navantia, one of three contenders for Australia’s $30 billion Future Frigates contract, has a contract worth about $240 million to supply Australia with 12 landing craft supposedly capable of carrying the army’s 62 tonne M1A1 Abrams tanks.

KyivPost – Ukraine rolls out upgraded T-72 tank

t72amt_0004-800x520Designers at Kyiv Armored Plant presented on Aug. 20 a new, upgraded version of the Soviet-era T-72 main battle tank, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko reported on his page on Facebook.  The battle effectiveness of the tank has been improved with the help of lessons learned on the front in the east of Ukraine, the president’s post says.  Ukrainian defense industry concern UkrOboronProm said the new tank, called the T-72AMT, is based on the T-72A, which went into service with the Soviet army in 1979.

Jane’s IHS – Somali military receives new vehicles

1709097_-_mainThe Somali National Army (SNA) released photographs on 3 September showing new tactical vehicles it has received.  One photograph showed at least 12 Chinese-made Shaanxi Baoji Special Vehicles Company Tiger 4×4 light armoured vehicles parked in what appeared to be a secure compound in Somalia. A second showed at least 13 Ford Super Duty double cabin pick-up vehicles fitted with weapon mounts.

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