From the Vault: Tank Effectiveness: Conqueror, Conway and Charioteer

Fans of British early Cold War armor may find this item entertaining.  Sent to us by author and researcher P. M. Knight (see his excellent histories of WWII British armor here), this is an archival document from the British Army Operational Research Group.  The report is dated June of 1954.  The topic of the report is the combat effectiveness of the Conqueror, Conway and Charioteer tanks.  As might be guessed, this report is pretty theoretical since these vehicles never saw combat.  We take these sorts of reports with a grain of salt, especially when they come to the conclusion that the Charioteer has “an effectiveness of unity against this Russian tank (the IS-3)”.

The report is posted below as a series of pictures.  We have also posted the images as a PDF that can be downloaded here.


  1. there is a concrete date stated on the first list: 16 of June 1954. It is written twice


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