Chieftain Shorts

Here are a series of brief videos from World of Tanks researcher Nicholas “The Chieftain” Moran. These are much shorter than his “Inside the Hatch” segments are meant to just point out interesting facts about some historic vehicles.







  1. leslie Hulkower says:

    great series,just enough stuff .keep it up


  2. Tim Attridge says:

    Ref Chieftain Shorts #6 Scorpion Family
    Hi…great series you do…..just a quicky…the Samson A frame tow bars, known by their in Service Name name as “Holley’s Bones”, ….in 22 years of service…..I have never seen, used or heard of them being used as a ” lifting device” …..only ever used as a towing device. But I do stand corrected if this had happened…lol


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