Video Lecture: Design and History of the M4 Sherman Tank During World War II

World of Tanks researcher Nicholas Moran recently gave a lecture on the Design & History of the M4 Sherman Tank at the New York Military Affairs Symposium.  The entire presentation was recorded by C-Span.  The lecture is a little over an hour with a half hour Q&A at the end.  As can be expected from Nick Moran, its a quality lecture.  Some of the Q&A questions are a bit goofy (why is that guy bringing up Smedley Butler?), but that’s generally how these sorts of things go.

You can view the lecture at the C-Span website here or click on the image below.

Design andhistory of M4 Sherman



  1. Ironic how many of these same arguments happened in the 70s with the M-1 and the choice of the 105mm over the German 120mm. During a competition in test after test the !20 mm would penetrate the target only to be followed by our old 105 mm also penetrating the target. And we could carry at least 15 more 105mm rounds. But the decision was already made America would buy the German 120mm and they would buy our AWACS Aircraft. Ironically as we started testing the 120mm it failed oily rag test up in Alaska not to mention too much of the recoil mechanism was outside the turret. So in the end we were forced to redesign the German 120 mm before we put them in M-1s. And lets not even talk about the trick Germany tried to pull on us during the automotive test between the M-1 and the Leopard 2.


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