A7V Videos

To mark the first appearance of the German A7V on the battlefield 100 years ago, both the Great War channel and the Bovington Tank Museum have released videos looking at the German WWI tank.  The Tank Museum video is part of their long running “Tank Chats” series as looks at the replica A7V housed at the Tank Museum.  The Great War video looks at the A7V replica that resides at the German Tank Museum in Munster, Germany.  Of course, the only surviving original A7V is at the Queensland Museum in Australia.



  1. I always felt the A7V was a better tank then it got credit for. But the innovations in the interior are well ahead of their time. And in related news President Trump brought up the idea of a military parade and quite wisely people thought this was dumb. And yet I can’t help but wonder with the 100th Anniversary of Armistice Day coming up this November 11th if it would do our country some good to have some soldiers and reenactors don WW 1 uniforms and commemorate the end of WW 1. I for one would love to see those old trucks and guns used back then. Perhaps a few FT-17 tanks (I would love to see some MK-4/5.s but I don’t think they are safe for the crews).


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