Video: Four books we don’t like

In this video we rant a bit about some of our least favorite tank books.


  1. leslie Hulkower says:

    excellent.I wish more people would watch this.


    • He’s right about those military equipment books being full of miss identified captions and most likely being written by folks not knowing anything about the military. To be fair the same is often true about news stories on military matters as well. Strangely enough the press understands the importance of getting experts to cover sports but when it comes to military matters they often just randomly appoint someone.


  2. A much better book on Christie Tanks. His original M1928 had the V-12 Liberty engine and Christie suspension he became famous for along with sloped armor on the front. But the armor was only a half inch at the thickest and the tank was designed to be turretless. Needless to say the Army asked for more armor and a turret which he gave them in the M1931. This was the tank bought by Russia, Poland and eventually England. No doubt the Army was obsessed with old fashioned ideas of what tanks were for. But while Russia was free as a foreign country to improve on the M-1931 design by adding thicker better sloped armor and better turrets with bigger guns Walter Christie was adding wings to his tank which along with additional aircraft engines(with propellers) was designed for jumping over trenches. Such tanks were of no practical value in a modern battlefield when even a single machine gun would stop them. Christie designs were great to build upon, assuming you are a country which didn’t have to deal with his eccentricities.


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