Video: Unofficial High Speed Tour of the Deutsches Panzermuseum

Nicholas ” The Chieftain” Moran gives a quick video tour of the Deutsches Panzermuseum in Munster.

Video: Inside the Chieftain’s Hatch: Cruiser Mk. II part 1

World of Tanks has posted a new video in the Inside the Hatch series featuring Nicholas “The Chieftain” Moran.  The new video looks at the British Cruiser Mk. II.

General Barnes Tank Patent

Here is a short new video looking at an interesting tank patent we found from General Barnes, head of Ordnance during WWII.


Video: The Great War channel on German Armored Vehicles

Here are a couple of new video clips from the Great War youtube channel about German WWI armored vehicles.


Top Five Tanks – Military History Visualized | The Tank Museum

Here is another “Top Five Tanks”  video from the Tank Museum at Bovington.  This episode features the creator of the youtube channel Military History Visualized as he presents his top five.

A7V Videos

To mark the first appearance of the German A7V on the battlefield 100 years ago, both the Great War channel and the Bovington Tank Museum have released videos looking at the German WWI tank.  The Tank Museum video is part of their long running “Tank Chats” series as looks at the replica A7V housed at the Tank Museum.  The Great War video looks at the A7V replica that resides at the German Tank Museum in Munster, Germany.  Of course, the only surviving original A7V is at the Queensland Museum in Australia.


Video: Tank Chats #48 Centaur Dozer

The Tank Chats series featuring David Fletcher of the Bovington Tank Museum continues looking at the British WWII “Funnies”, examining the Centaur Dozer variant.