David Fletcher’s Tank Chats No.1: The A13 Cruiser

The Tank Museum has released a new video featuring tank expert and historian David Fletcher in the first of a series of “Tank Chats.”  This first episode takes a look at the A13 Cruiser tank.

Description from the youtube page: The A13 was the first British tank to have Christie Suspension. With a top speed of 40 miles per hour, it was much faster than the German Panzers, and had one of the best guns of its time. Despite this, many were lost in the battle for France in 1940. They fared better in the desert when their speed enabled them to cut off and defeat a huge Italian Army at Beda Fomm in Libya.

Book Alert: British Cruiser Tank A13

A13 cruiserAmazon has listed for a release date of February 19, 2015 the book “British Cruiser Tank A13 Mk. I Mk. II” by Peter Brown.  Part of the Armor PhotoHistory series from Model Centrum Progres, this title promises to give an in-depth look at the A13, a vehicle which as far as we know has never had an entire book dedicated to it.

Publishers description:   [Read more…]

Book Review: A13 Cruiser Mk.V Covenanter A Technical History by P.M. Knight

Not much attention has been paid to the Covenanter tank other than as a footnote in the sad story of British WW2 tank design. P.M. Knight decided to change that situation, paying a great deal of attention to the Covenanter in A13 Cruiser Mk.V Covenanter A Technical History, a well researched and written book. The Covenanter never saw combat, being relegated to training duty due to issues concerning reliability. Therefore, the book is primarily concerned with the technical and developmental history of the Covenanter rather than its service history. [Read more…]