Book Review: A13 Cruiser Mk.V Covenanter A Technical History by P.M. Knight

Not much attention has been paid to the Covenanter tank other than as a footnote in the sad story of British WW2 tank design. P.M. Knight decided to change that situation, paying a great deal of attention to the Covenanter in A13 Cruiser Mk.V Covenanter A Technical History, a well researched and written book. The Covenanter never saw combat, being relegated to training duty due to issues concerning reliability. Therefore, the book is primarily concerned with the technical and developmental history of the Covenanter rather than its service history.

The development of the vehicle is described in great detail, the author drawing information from numerous archival sources. The book itself is a large, thin, black and white volume. It has a bit of a “self published” feel to it, with a simple and functional layout.  There are few pictures and modelers will not find much to guide them here. However, for those interested in the history of British tank development, this book will provide a welcome examination of an overlooked vehicle.  Available for under $8, this book is definitely worth the price.  The author has stated that his next project will be a similar work about the Crusader Cruiser tank.

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