Video footage of Tank vs Infantry fighting in Yemen

This video appeared on youtube this week showing footage of Yemeni Houthi forces in combat with tanks from the Army of Saudi-Arabia.  The Saudi tanks appear to be of two different types, US built M60 tanks or French built AMX-30.

Recent Yuri Pasholok articles at Status Report blog.

2256162_originalThe blog “Status Report” has posted two English language translations of  articles by Russian armor researcher Yuri Pasholok this past couple days. An article posted on Monday contains a number of pictures of the AMX-30 prototype that is stored at the French Armor Museum in Saumur.  People interested in the AMX- 30 Status Report article may read it here, the original Russian language article is available here.

2219285_originalAn article posted on Sunday provides a history and photo gallery of the 47mm gun on Renault R35 chassis at the Panzermuseum in Thun, Switzerland.   This vehicle was an improvised tank destroyer, consisting of a captured French tank hull being mated with a captured Czech 47mm gun.  By the time of the Normandy campaign, 110 of these converted panzerjagers were still in service.  The article notes that the one at Thun most likely saw combat as it exhibits signs of battle damage.  The original Russian language version of the article can be read here, the translated Status Report version is here.

From the Vault: AMX-30 articles

Some old articles on the French AMX-30 MBT.  We primarily uploaded these to share with a friend that is doing some research on this vehicle but we figured there might be others that would find them interesting.

AMX 30 France’s Main Battle Tank by General Jean Marzloff (1971)

AMX 30 page 1 AMX 30 page 2 AMX 30 page 3 AMX 30 page 4

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Book Review: AMX-30 by M.P. Robinson

AMX 30 RobinsonIt’s fair to say that as far as cold war era tanks go, the AMX-30 has never received as much attention as vehicles like the British Centurion and Chieftain, the US Patton series, and the German Leopards.  In fact, the only thing published specifically on the AMX-30 in English (as far as we can tell) is AFV Weapons Profile #63 by R.M. Ogorkiewicz way back in the early 70’s!  Clearly, this is a vehicle that deserves better than one book in 50 years, so it was a welcome development when Polish publisher Kagero released this new two volume set on the AMX-30.  The author of the book, M.P. Robinson remains a bit of a mystery.   The book does not include an “about the author” section and a quick google search does not reveal any other books written by Mr.  Robinson.   Fortunately,  Mr. Robinson is more than up to the task given him. [Read more…]