New Book Alert: M-60 Main Battle Tank In Action

A new entry in the “In Action” series by David Doyle has been released by Squadron Signal, M-60 Main Battle Tank In Action.  This is an 80 page softcover volume containing both black and white and color photos.  For a preview of the book, check out the video preview posted below.

Publisher’s Description:

The M60 Main Battle Tank was conceived as the successor to the M48 Patton with the hope that it would prove a better adversary to the Soviet T-54A. Introduced in 1959, the 105mm-armed M60, and its variants, the M60A1 and M60A3, remained in production into 1987, forming the backbone of the U.S. armored force until it was supplanted by the M1 Abrams. In addition to the conventional cannon-armed versions of the M60, the M60A2 variant, sometimes dubbed “the starship,” featured new departures in tank armament. The M60A2 was armed with a 152mm projector, which could fire a conventional round with a fully combustible casing, or the MGM-51 Shillelagh anti-tank missile. Completing the M60 family were the M728 armored engineer vehicle, and the still-in-service M60 Armored Vehicle-Launched Bridge. Packed with 155 vintage color photos, 69 historic black-and-white images, by numerous fine line drawings, and a detailed data table, this 80-page volume traces the history of America’s iconic Cold War tank

From the Vault: PS Magazine articles on M60 Tank

Today we present a couple articles from PS Magazine detailing the maintenance and operation of the M60 MBT.  The first article is a three part series called “Your M60” which ran in 1961.  The second article is a two part “Be Your Own Inspector” article which appeared in 1966.  PS Magazine is an illustrated “comic” style magazine put out by the US Army since 1951 to teach soldiers best practices in preventative maintenance.  These articles might be a trip down memory lane for any retired tankers that frequent this site.  For others, these articles may impress upon them the complexity and work required to properly maintain a cold war era MBT.

Your M60 Tank Part 1 (1961)

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Video footage of Tank vs Infantry fighting in Yemen

This video appeared on youtube this week showing footage of Yemeni Houthi forces in combat with tanks from the Army of Saudi-Arabia.  The Saudi tanks appear to be of two different types, US built M60 tanks or French built AMX-30.

From the Vault: M60 tank videos

Today we present a series of video clips about the US M60 Main Battle Tank.

Our first video came to our attention when it was posted in a thread on Tank-Net earlier this month.  It includes some rather interesting footage taken by a camera inside the turret of a Marine Corps M60A1 during a live fire exercise.


This video uploaded by TankNutDave is from the 1980’s and shows crewmen of an M60A3 explaining the turret operations of the tank.


Next up is a 1960’s era government documentary (part of “The Big Picture” series) on the development of the M60 tank.  This video contains a good deal of footage of the M60 production line at the Detroit Tank Arsenal.


Finally, we finish are selection with this video of an M60 tank being used to crush a Mazda.

M60 on display for 15 years started up and moved

Local News 8 in Idaho is reporting that an M60 tank on static display in a park in St. Anthony was started up and moved under it’s own power in order to receive a paint job.

The longstanding tank at Clyde Keefer park in St. Anthony is no longer there, at least for now.  That’s because city officials, along with a few members of the military, drove the tank to the city garage to clean it, sand blast it, and paint it.  “I get notices from the army once a year asking if we’re taking good care of our tank,” said Mayor Niels Thueson of St. Anthony. “And I write them back and I say, yea we’re taking good care of your tank, but it needs a paint job. Well they wrote back and said, well paint it.”

M60 video