Video: New Osprey Titles from Steven Zaloga

We take a look at a few new titles from Osprey books by Steven Zaloga.  This is the first of our videos produced in-house.  It’s been a while since we did any video production, so forgive the quality on this one.

Videos from Forgotten Weapons youtube channel

One of the most popular youtube pages devoted to firearms history is Forgotten Weapons.  While firearms are generally outside the scope of this website, every once in a while they will take a look at an anti-tank rifle or some other type of weapon that pertains to armored warfare.  Here are a couple recent videos that meet that description.


C&Rsenal on the T-Gewehr Anti-Tank Rifle

For those with an interest in historic anti-tank weapons, we strongly recommend this video by C&Rsenal on the German T-Gewehr anti-tank rifle.  C&Rsenal hosts Othias and Mae do a very good job of explaining the history of this rather unique and unusual rifle and also provide a live fire demonstration.  We generally try to keep a pretty neutral tone in our posts here at Tank and AFV News, but we have to admit to being big fans of C&Rsenal.  We don’t typically have reason to link to their videos since small arms are not our subject matter, so we were rather pleased to see them cover something related to tanks in the form of the T-Gewehr.  If you like this video, please check out their other videos on WW1 small arms at their website.