Videos from Forgotten Weapons youtube channel

One of the most popular youtube pages devoted to firearms history is Forgotten Weapons.  While firearms are generally outside the scope of this website, every once in a while they will take a look at an anti-tank rifle or some other type of weapon that pertains to armored warfare.  Here are a couple recent videos that meet that description.


“Bring the heat, Bring the Stupid” blog posts on M2 Bradley

M2A1_Bradley_tracked_armoured_infantry_fighting_vehicle_United_States_US_American_Army_line_drawing_blueprint_001Yesterday we posted links to several articles from “War is Boring” which included a piece on the M2 Bradley.  Over at the blog “Bring the Heat, Bring the Stupid” is a reply to the War is Boring piece from someone that served in the Bradley.

About that War is Boring Article on the Bradley… Jan 21, 2015

Two days later the same blog posted a nice look at some of the technical aspects of the Bradley.

Let’s talk about the Bradley some more… Jan 23, 2015