BMD-4M enters service with Russian Airborne Forces

bmd_4mJane’s is reporting that the first production BMD-4Ms have been delivered to Russian Airborne forces.  This includes both the BMD-4M ‘Sadovnitsa’ infantry fighting vehicles and BTR-MDM ‘Rakushka’ armoured personnel carriers.  The tracked BMD-4M is based on BMD-4, but incorporates a variety of improvements including a new upper hull, engine, chassis, and other subsystems. The aim behind the creation of the BMD-4M has been to improve the capabilities of the VDV’s armoured vehicles, while maintaining maximum commonality with BMP-3 IFV operated by the Russian Ground Forces.  Meanwhile the BTR-MDM is based on the existing BTR-MD APC. It has similarly been designed to have a high level of commonality with the BMP-3 and the MBD-4M. The new APC is intended for the transportation of airborne troops, marines, ammunition, spare parts, or fuel.  Full article here.

Russia tests new armored vehicle for airborne troops

BMD4mRT News English has posted a video which they say is footage of a new armored vehicle for airborne troops being tested.  The footage reportedly shows a BMD-4M going through its paces in low temperature conditions at the Dubrovichi Testing Ground in the Ryazan Region.   According to the website, the BMD-4D is an improved version of the BMD-4, featuring a new chassis and engine and hydropneumatic suspension.

Video clip here.