Tank Biathlon 2017

1174066This past weekend saw the start of the 2017 iteration of the Tank Biathlon competition in Russia which runs from July 29 to August 12.  To the surprise of no one, the Russian team is so far in first place, having beaten the Chinese team.  Later this week the Russian and Chinese teams will face off against the Indian team.  The Russian team operates T-72BM3 tanks, the Chinese bring their own Type 96 and the Indians will be using The T-90S.  Other competitors who do not bring their own tank are supplied with a T-72B3 by their Russian host.  The English language version of the official site for the competition can be seen here.

Articles and video for Tank Biathlong 2017

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TASS – Russia leads in tank biathlon at 2017 International Army Games after half of races

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Russia tests new armored vehicle for airborne troops

BMD4mRT News English has posted a video which they say is footage of a new armored vehicle for airborne troops being tested.  The footage reportedly shows a BMD-4M going through its paces in low temperature conditions at the Dubrovichi Testing Ground in the Ryazan Region.   According to the website Military-Today.com, the BMD-4D is an improved version of the BMD-4, featuring a new chassis and engine and hydropneumatic suspension.

Video clip here.