Book Review: Professor Porsche’s Wars

Here is our video book review of the book Professor Porsche’s Wars: The Secret Life of Legendary Engineer Ferdinand Porsche Who Armed Two Belligerents Through Four Decades by Karl Ludvigsen.



Publisher’s Description:

Regarded as one of the great automotive engineers of the twentieth century, Ferdinand Porsche is well remembered today for his remarkable automotive designs including the Volkswagen Beetle and Auto Union Grand Prix cars. Yet there is another side to his extraordinary career, for he was an equally inventive designer of military vehicles and machinery. In this field too he excelled. Indeed the sheer versatility of his contribution is astonishing. Karl Ludvigsen’s study is the definitive guide.

He tells the complete story, focusing on Porsche’s relations with the German armed forces and on the stream of advanced designs he was responsible for. Included are Austro Daimler’s pioneering aero engines, the Kübelwagen, Schwimmwagen, Type 100 Leopard tank, Ferdinand or Elefant tank destroyer and the astounding Type 205 Maus tank. He also describes Porsche’s creative work on aero engines, tank engines and even a turbojet for the V-1 flying bomb.

Karl Ludvigsen’s account confirms the preeminence of Ferdinand Porsche as a brilliant and prolific engineer, one of the most remarkable of his generation.

Video Book Review: German Heavy Fighting Vehicles

We review the new book German Heavy Fighting Vehicles of the Second World War: From Tiger to E-100 by Kenneth Estes.

Book Alert: Ferdinand and Elefant Tank Destroyer by Thomas Anderson

ferdinand ospreyOsprey Publishing is releasing a new hardcover book on the German WWII Ferdinand and Elefant tank destroyer on April 21, 2015.  This book is by Thomas Anderson.  In 2013 Osprey published a book by the same author on the German Tiger tank.  Guessing from the dust jacket, this new book on the Ferdinand will be similar in style to the Tiger book.  While Osprey Publishing’s recent hardcover book on tanks have been limited to WWII German vehicles (Panther, Tiger, Ferdinand), their New Vanguard series of softcover books cover a wide variety of tanks and armored vehicles.

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