From the Vault: Six-Ton Tank

From the Nov-Dec 1968 issue of ARMOR we present this article by Konrad Schreier on the US Six-Ton Tank.  The article may be viewed as individual images below or you can download the entire ARMOR issue as a PDF here (article starts on page 183 of PDF)

From Our Readers: Operation Priority

Reader “Amazing Ace” has submitted the latest version of his document “Operation Priority”, a guide to  the different varieties of Renault FT-17 tanks.  It can be downloaded as a PDF here.

Tank Chats #8 Renault FT-17

The Tank Museum has released the eighth video in their Tank Chats series staring David Fletcher.  This episode focuses on the Renault FT-17

Conceived by General Jean-Baptiste Estienne and manufactured under the control of the Renault Company this was the world’s first mass-produced tank, 3800 being built in all.

They went into action for the first time on 31 May 1918 near Ploissy-Chazelle and proved very successful when they were used in numbers. British forces used a few Renaults as liaison vehicles while the United States Army used them in combat and copied the design.