Photo of the Day: Matilda I

This photo of a Matilda I was taken last month at the Tiger Day event at Bovington Tank Museum.  The photo comes from the Flickr page of Massimo Foti, who has amassed a fantastic collection of quality photos of tanks and armored vehicles, primary from around Europe.  He regularly posts his photos at the AFV News Discussion Board, a forum we recommend to anyone that is interested in learning about the many tanks and vehicles on display at museums and other locations.



Massimo Foti AFV Photo Gallery

Massimo FotiHere is another excellent Flickr gallery of armored vehicles from one of the regular contributors over at the AFV Discussion Board.  This gallery is primarily of vehicles located in European museums and locations.  The albums for the Saumur Musee des Blindes and the Thun Panzermuseum both contain over 400 photos while the album for Bovington Tank Museum has over 700 photos!  There is enough here to keep a tank history enthusiast clicking for quite some time.