DSEI 2015 Video on UK Scout SV renamed Ajax

A video featuring Jane’s 360 reporter Chirstopher Foss at the recent DSEI 2015 exhibition explaining the new UK Scout SV vehicle which has been renamed Ajax.

British Scout SV to be built in Wales

1578572_-_mainJane’s is reporting that the British Army’s new Scout SV tracked reconnaissance vehicle will be built in the UK.  Originally slated to be built at a General Dynamics facility in Spain, the article notes that General Dynamics will be building a new facility in South Wales where the majority of assembly of these vehicles will take place.  The British vehicles are an updated version of the ASCOD armored machines built for the Spanish armed forces by Santa Barbara Sistemas. General Dynamics has been working on the British vehicles since 2010 when the company signed a £500 million development contract with the MoD.  According to the GDUK spokesperson, the first 100 of the 589 Scout SVs will still be built in Spain. Once the new facility is up and running, the company will then transfer the “assembly, integration and test work of the remaining 489 vehicles” to Wales.

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UK orders CTAS 40mm cannons

40mm CTA on WarriorEJane’s is reporting that the UK Ministry of Defense has placed a $236 million order for CTA International 40 mm Case Telescoped Armament System (CTAS) cannons for its future fleet of tracked armored fighting vehicles.  This order of 515 cannons are slated for the new Scout SV recon vehicle and the upgraded Warrior infantry fighting vehicle.  According to the article, the CTAS features a novel telescoped ammunition that means the cannon and its ammunition takes up a significantly reduced internal volume within a vehicle’s turret. This in turn allows a larger calibre cannon to be fitted to smaller vehicles, and for more ammunition to be carried.  The UK has a total of 589 Scout SVs on order, of which 245 are of the turreted, cannon armed version.  Under the Warrior Capability Sustainment Programme (CSP), the British Army is also upgrading 380 vehicles from the Warrior family. Of these, 245 will be of the infantry fighting vehicle variant – fitted with the CT 40 mm cannon in a new Lockheed Martin UK turret.

Full article here.

For information on the 40 Cased Telescoped Armament System, click here.

Kongsberg awarded RWS contract for Scout SV

Scout-armored-vehicles-to-feature-Kongsberg-remote-weapons-stationsJane’s 360 is reporting that Norwegian defense firm Kongsberg has been awarded a contract to provide its Protector Remote Weapon Station (RWS) for the United Kingdom’s Scout Specialist Vehicle (SV) tracked reconnaissance vehicle program.  The Protector RWS will be able to fit on all variants of the Scout SV, and will be the main armament of the Protected Mobility Reconnaissance Support (PMRS) family of vehicle variants. In total the UK had ordered 589 Scout SVs, divided between two principal variants. The prime contractor on the Scout SV is General Dynamics UK.  The contract awarded to Kongsberg is reports to be worth $93.9 million, deliveries are expected to begin in late 2016.  The Scout SV will replace the CVR(T) family of vehicles, including the Scimitar Light tank and Spartan APC.