IHS Jane’s 360 – IDEX 2017 videos

Here are some videos from the youtube channel of IHS Jane’s 360 showing some of the vehicles on display at IDEX 2017 described by Christopher Foss.




More Indo Def 2016 videos

Last week we had posted video clips from IHS Jane’s on some of the AFVs featured at Indo Def 2016.  Here are a few more video clips featuring IHS Jane’s reporter Christopher Foss that have shown up since last week’s post. These clips look at a couple different medium tank options presented at Indo Def 2016.



Video: Mbombe6, Boxer and Piranha 5

Here are a few recent video’s from IHS Jane’s reporter Christopher Foss covering a few different armored wheeled combat vehicles.



Video: Christopher Foss at DVD 2016

Here are a few videos featuring IHS Jane’s reporter Christopher Foss at DVD 2016 reporting on a few different AFVs, including the Patria AMV, the Terrex IFV, and the M777 Portee concept vehicle..





Video: Christopher Foss on Challenger II LEP

IHS Jane’s reporter Christopher Foss talks about the Challenger 2 and the British Army’s plans for the Life Extension Program.

Video: Christopher Foss on the Patria AMV XP

IHS Jane’s reporter Christopher Foss reports from DVD 2016 on Patria’s latest generation Armoured Modular Vehicle XP (Extra Performance, Extra Payload and Extra Protection).

Video: IHS Jane’s on Nexter System’s VBCI

Here’s a new video from IHS Jane’s featuring Christopher Foss discussing Nexter System’s VBCI as a contender for the British Army.

More IHS Jane’s Eurosatory 2016 videos

Here are another batch of videos featuring IHS Jane’s reporter Christopher Foss showcasing some of the AFVs on display at Eurosatory 2016.




Eurosatory 2016 Videos with Christopher Foss

IHS Jane’s youtube channel features a number of new videos of reporter Christopher Foss at the recent Eurosatory 2016 expo.





Christopher Foss at SOFEX 2016

Over the past week IHS Jane’s has posted a number of videos featuring reporter Christopher Foss at SOFEX 2016.  Below are the videos that feature AFVs. Unfortunately, the sound quality of some of these clips is not as good as usual for this type of video.